Co-construction of the future

Our project is to share and promote co-construction

Conceived as a mass-media and a partner, Co-construction of the future is both an interactive platform (a place for thoughts and testimony) and a process,
which are supposed to initiate or bring assistance to concrete projects.
The main goal consists in promoting the idea that co-construction is a decisive way to improve performance and innovation
within human’s organizations (political, economical, social and educative).

A mass-media

We produce and publish knowledge in free access
to stimulate individual initiatives.
We try to think for better actions.

We try to think...

For better actions

A partner

We offer concrete assistance
for any kind of co-construction projects.
We try to act for better thoughts.

We try to act...

For better thoughts

What is co-construction ?

Download – PDF (French)

What is the difference between co-construction and other concepts – such as cooperation or co-management – which belong to the same lexicon? Firstly, co-construction implies something to be built jointly (a cathedral, an airplane or a constitution). Secondly, the object to be built is supposed to make sense for all the builders. Thirdly, the objective implies a deep interaction between all the builders. That is to say that co-construction is almost a compulsory process, as soon as the object to be built is complex.

Who are we ?

Co-construction of the future” has been founded by Alain Nifle and Chloé Laumonier.
Any kind of contributor is welcome on the website.
If you are interested by this project, you and write to us and propose your own contribution.
contact us.